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Write Fo rUs

We (Travel You Wish) will love and appreciate if you desire to share your blog link or any other links with a byline to your name at our website. But below mentioned are very important points that you should read and understand before submitting your good work with us:

Your are kindly requested to carefully verify about the Guide you Displayed as well as the Articles that you Published on our website so that you can clearly familiar with our way of writing the article and our systematic method of elaborating each and every essential guidance.

  • The first thing to remember is to make sure that your article must includes approximately 800- 1000 words and only on Travelling Topics Such as ‘Discover Europe’s Most Stunning Scenery’, ‘Guidance For Your First Visit In India’,’ The top attractions in Australia’, ‘Trekking Tips For Beginners’ and such more.
  • Secondly our each and every guide that is displayed on our website consists of specific number of Points of Interests (POIs) along with specific words of explanation as well.
  • This specific number of Points of Interests (POIs) displayed on our website consists 2500 words (Introduction Includes– 175-200 words & Each POI Includes – 225-250 words).
  • In addition to this, you are also required to submit high-resolution and landscape-oriented horizontal photos for Points of Interests (POIs) in your guidance. Travel You Wish doesn’t have any copyright on your photos so you can unhesitatingly upload those photos elsewhere at any time.
  • It’s necessary that you should know that all the content or articles that you submit at our website (Travel You Wish) will be edit or checked out by our editor just for verification purpose, whether its correct or not and nothing else. Suppose if any correction is required then we will do so as we have right.
  • Also you who upload or submit your work at our site should be non professional or amateur writers, travel lover and nomadic like us along with a written portfolio on Journey. You should also have an awesome – inspiring presence on Social Media sites as well.
  • All submissions and queries can be sent to Smith Petal (Editor) at travelyouwish@gmail.com .